Why Buy Pre-Owned?

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You may be asking yourself if a used car is right for you or if you want to buy a new car. Knox Ford in Radcliff outside Elizabethtown wants you to make a decision you feel comfortable with so we are providing you with the advantages to buying a used car. Make sure you check out the advantages to buying new as well so that you can see both sides and be more confident that the decision you make is right for you. There are some advantages to getting a preowned vehicle like price, depreciation, insurance rates and choice. 

1. Price is one thing that is an advantage of buying a used car. Since the vehicle has some miles and a history it will be cheaper than a new car equally equipped. The advantage is that you can get more options on a used car than on a new at the same price. This means you may be able to step up to a nicer model, a bigger model or maybe one with things like a sunroof, leather or navigation which would not be available on a new vehicle in the price range you are looking at in the same model. 

2. Depreciation is also an advantage of buying a used car. It is not a secret that cars lose value. Mainly because they are a frequently used commodity and most are subjected to weather, road damage and just economical conditions. Most of the decline happens in the beginning of the vehicles lifetime when a new car is purchased. Therefore, when you buy a used car there is no depreciation since it is now priced to market supply and demand as well as condition. There is also less mental depreciation when you purchase a used car since you are not feeling the pressure of "breaking" your vehicle, it has already been broken in giving a sense of comfort to the purchase in most cases. 

3. Insurance rates can be an advantage of buying a used car as well. Rates are affected by the age of the vehicle you are purchasing so since a used vehicle is lower in price it is less expensive to insure. A little research can save you from insurance rate sticker shop as well no matter if you choose a new or a preowned vehicle. 

4. Finally choice is a great advantage to purchasing used. Although you cannot just go ask for a used truck or car to be built for you, there may be things you liked on other models that are not made anymore like wheels or just the shape of the body. This means you can take a look and find the car with the wheels you like or the body style instead of settling for what is now made on a new car. 

Hopefully you found this information helpful in your research as to if buying a used car is right for you. Make sure you check out our page Why Buy New as well. Happy shopping and remember you can contact us anytime you have questions or concerns about purchasing a vehicle. We know it can be overwhelming and are here to make buying a car as easy and stress free as possible.    

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