Top 8 Reasons to Buy New

Located just outside of Elizabethtown and Louisville, Knox Ford is one of the fastest growing new Ford dealers. One reason is we keep our car buyers informed. If you are searching for a new or preowned vehicle we want you to buy a car with confidence that your decision is right for you. If you have not decided on new or used make sure you also read our reasons to buy a preowned vehicle as well. There are many reasons to choose a new vehicle like choice, history, warranty, technology, safety, fuel efficiency, financing and legwork. 

1. Your choices in a used car are limited by availability, there is only one vehicle like the one you are looking at and you may like the miles but not the options or you may like the options but not the color. On a new vehicle that is just not the case since you can either have the new car dealer locate something or even order your vehicle equipped exactly how you want it when it is not available in their new car inventory. This makes it very simple when you know what you want.

2. The history of a new vehicle is simple...there is none! No worries about if the maintenance was completed by a reputable auto service shop. No concern if it was in an accident or was taken care of. No funny smells, tough stains or wear and tear. Buying a new car gives you a sense of security that you know where it has been and how it has been cared for. 

3. Warranty is also a great part of buying a new car. Just as the vehicle history is untouched so is the warranty on a new vehicle. Yes, new vehicles may have remaining factory warranty or you can purchase a warranty on a used car however warranty is constantly ticking away as miles and time passes. Also there is added cost for extended warranties on pre-owned. A new vehicle comes with warranty which doesn't begin until the initial purchase and is not at an extra cost.
4. You will always get the latest technology in a new Ford vehicle especially with Ford SYNC. This means if you like keeping up with gizmos like the latest phones and devices then a new vehicle is most likely to be compatible with your newest devices. Multimedia, navigation and other interfaces are constantly changing and a new vehicle will have the latest versions to work best with your technological gadgets. 

5. Safety standards are also things that continuously change. New safety laws become more stringent which forces automakers to meet new standards and change the way vehicles are built. For example tire pressure monitoring is now mandatory and some used cars do not have this option even available. Also things like blind spot monitoring or side curtain airbags are not mandatory but a very nice safety feature to have, not many used cars will have these options at all. Also the more these options become available the less the options will cost. The safety features on a new vehicle may also even save you on your car insurance when you are given rates. 

6. Thanks to Big Brother fuel efficiency standards are getting more and more stringent. The benefit of buying a new car is you get the most fuel efficient version of that model to date. The newest diesel vehicles are cleaner than ever, the new Hybrid cars are increasing in supply and gas vehicles are more efficient than ever. This doesn't mean that a used car will not be fuel efficient however the most efficient version of that model will be a new one. 

7. Financing is a huge benefit of buying a new truck or car since many manufactures offer lower and sometimes 0% financing on a new vehicle. Knox Ford is outside Elizabethtown in the Cincinnati region which very often has new Ford models offering 0% financing with approved credit. Used vehicles do not have 0% financing available since they are not worth what new cars are worth having already been hit by depreciation. 

8. Finally the legwork is a huge advantage to buying a new vehicle. Since financing is usually set and very good on new cars there is no need to figure out which vehicle is going to get you the best rate and fit your budget. In used car buying you have to physically see every vehicle you consider since each has been cared for differently but new vehicles have no history so you can be more confident committing to purchase without seeing the vehicle itself. Also there is the fear of meeting with private sellers when looking at new cars since you are often traveling to unfamiliar areas and meeting strangers to drive a vehicle. In new car purchases you are with a dealer who assists hundreds of car buyers per day either online or in person and who knows the product and the search is offloaded to them since they can find the exact car you are looking for much more quickly. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out our reasons for buying a new car. Don't forget to check out the Why Buy Pre-Owned information page so that you can feel more confident that if you choose new or used, you are making the right decision for you. Knox Ford is here for you to make sure that you have a stress free purchasing experience. We are conveniently located outside Elizabethtown and Louisville locating the perfect new car for you is a breeze. Let us do the legwork. 

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