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Your car depends on its battery to help it get up and running every time you get behind the wheel. Without a working battery, your vehicle might as well be for decoration. That's why it's important to schedule regular battery service to make sure that your car's battery is in excellent condition. This way, you're less likely to find yourself stuck in a vehicle that refuses to budge.

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Here at Knox Ford, battery service is but one of our many specialties, so if your vehicle needs battery service near Elizabethtown, you need only reach out to us to get your car the professional care it needs to run smoothly.

How often should I schedule battery service near Fort Knox?

We suggest bringing your vehicle in for a battery check at least once or twice a year. Be on the lookout for symptoms of battery trouble like slow engine crank, a bloated battery case, and any signs of leaking or damage. We're always happy to do a battery inspection for you to make sure your car battery is fighting fit.

How do I jump start my vehicle if my battery dies?

If your car battery taps out on you, you can often resuscitate it with a little help from a friend or friendly passerby. Make sure you always have jumper cables handy in case of an emergency.

  • Get out your jumper cables
  • Put both vehicles in park, engage both parking brakes, and turn off the ignition in both vehicles
  • Connect a red clip to the positive terminal of your own battery (the positive terminal should have POS or a plus sign written on it, or it will be bigger than the negative terminal)
  • Connect the other red clip to the other car's positive battery terminal
  • Connect a black clip to the other car's negative battery terminal
  • Connect the other black clip to an unpainted metal surface (not near the battery) on your own car
  • Start the vehicle that works and let it run for a little while
  • Attempt to start your own vehicle
  • If your car starts, leave it on and drive around for about fifteen minutes

Need to schedule battery service or a car battery replacement near Sheperdsville? Reach out to us at our Ford service center today! We'll be happy to help with all your battery service needs.


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