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So you have completed your research or maybe you have leased a car before and are ready to start the shopping process. Leasing a car is a great choice and here at Knox Ford we make new Ford leasing an easy process. In order to get accurate lease quotes you will need to think about a few things. How long you will want to lease? How many miles per year you drive? Do you qualify to lease?

Lease term is important. No one knows your lifestyle more than you so you should consider how long you generally have a vehicle before you are ready for a new one. This will make leasing more fun and easy because you can be tailor your lease to end at the right time for your habits. So if generally you are ready for a new Ford after 2 years you can choose a 24 month or if it is more like 3 years then the 36 month lease would be perfect. The great thing is that if you still like the vehicle at the end you can buy it out and keep in longer.

You also will need to calculate how many miles per year you drive. This will help with making sure the lease quotes you receive are accurate and that there will be no end of lease costs. More miles are more per month and less miles will be less payment but you want to select based on your driving and not payment since you would have to pay the additional miles if you do not choose enough. Another great thing about leasing is if you are under your miles then your vehicle potentially could have equity which will greatly help on your next lease.

Lastly you would need to make sure you get approved to lease. Leasing does require good or excellent credit history and though you may see advertised leases keep in mind those are generally based on excellent credit. It is best to make sure that you do qualify for the best lease rates as well as the payments you are being quoted when shopping for the right new car lease.

Knox Ford just outside Elizabethtown in Radcliff will make leasing easy and we are happy to explain any questions you have such as lease end options, lease end expenses and leasing qualifications. In case you are still trying to decide if leasing is right for you we also have this Buying vs Leasing information for you. We are here to assist you and to make leasing a new car a great experience where you leave feeling you made an educated decision so reach out to us. We want you to be happy with your new Ford lease.

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Benefits to Leasing a New Ford