Prepare Your Vehicle for the Holiday Season

While no one likes breaking down at any time of year, it's especially imperative that your car runs reliably during the winter months. Holidays and weather can take a toll on your vehicle, as the demands of gift shopping and delivering add to the stresses your car faces as temperatures drop.

Traction is paramount for wet or icy weather, especially if your plans include a road trip to visit relatives up north. If you currently have a set of summer or all-season tires on your car, it might be a good idea to change them for a winter set, as they have a specially formulated chemical makeup that keeps them supple in freezing temperatures in addition to the aggressive tread pattern that ensures added grip on snowy roads.

If your battery is a few years old, it may have trouble keeping a charge as temperatures plummet. Its efficiency can be tested as well as a little maintenance in cleaning any of the corrosion around the terminals that will reduce its ability to charge.

An oil change may be in order as well since dirty oil has a harder time lubricating the engine in cold temperatures. To keep you seeing the roads of Elizabethtown clearly, wiper blades designed for winter slush and ice along with a topped-up washer fluid tank will keep your windshield clean. It's also a good idea to top up your antifreeze to keep your coolant system from freezing.

We'll keep your car running in top condition throughout the holiday season. Our experienced staff of certified mechanics can take care of maintenance tasks large or small, from installing a new set of winter tires to giving you a fresh oil change or testing your battery for fitness. Visit us in Radcliff or schedule an appointment and let us take care of the details so you can focus on enjoying the busy holiday season.

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