A wide variety of factors play into a used-car purchase, and timing is often one of the most important. Along with jumping at the best pricing opportunities, shoppers need to be prepared to handle the various up-front costs of buying a used car. For many car buyers, tax season is one of the best times of the year to move forward with a used car purchase.

Each spring, people across Kentucky look forward to their tax refunds. This lump sum of cash is ideal for taking care of more costly purchases. For many, tax return cash goes toward purchasing a used car. Customers who visit our own used car dealer near Radcliff, KY, often use a portion of their tax returns to help with a down payment or sales tax. If that's your goal, we're more than willing to help you along the way.

Knox Ford can help you find the perfect used car to put your tax return toward. We have a wide array of used cars for sale near Elizabethtown, giving shoppers the power of choice. From pre-owned sedans and hatchbacks to quality used trucks, car shoppers can explore cars of all kinds at our dealership.

This tax season, we encourage you to come visit our used car dealership near Radcliff, KY. We may be able to help you put your tax return to good use.

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