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A Plan, X Plan & Z Plan FAQs

Elizabethtown Ford A Plan, X Plan, Z

Knox Ford in Radcliff is proud to honor Ford Employee A, X and Z Plan pricing at our dealership located just outside of Elizabethtown and Louisville. We value our Ford Employees because we know without them we would not be able to sell what we do and service what we love...FORDS! Being so close to the Louisville Assembly Plant and Ford Kentucky Truck Plant we understand that Ford Employees commute to Louisville for work from all over the Cincinnati region. No matter if you are here in Radcliff or commuting from Elizabethtown, Shepherdsville, Vine Grove, or farther we are committed to treat Ford employees, their friends, families and neighbors with the utmost respect by providing top notch service when purchasing their new Ford. 

Ford Employees receive plan pricing for their new vehicle purchases in a few different packages called A Plan, X Plan and Z Plan pricing. 

The Process for Receiving a Ford Vehicle Purchase Plan 

When you have decided to purchase your new Ford (we hope you choose Knox Ford) you will need to either apply for a pin at the link below or you will have to have your sponsoring Ford Motor Company employee/retiree will enroll you for a PIN to use at your time of purchase. The A, X or Z Plan PIN will require some information about you such as name, email and relationship to your FMC Sponsor. You will be sent instructions on how to activate your PIN. Keep in mind once the Ford Plan Pricing PIN is approved by your sponsor it will only be valid for a short period so if you have not selected or found the new Ford you want to purchase it is advised not to activate your PIN. Your activation may require the last four of your social as well as the information the FMC Sponsor provided.Your Sponsor will never gain access to the last four of your social in case you wondered. 

Once you have received your A, X or Z Plan PIN you will bring that here to Knox Ford along with your drivers license, proof of insurance and financing information if you are using your own financing. We will do a product demonstration on the New Ford you have chosen to purchase then assist you with processing your purchase. Because A, X and Z plan pricing is such an amazing deal there is no negotiating on the vehicle price. Ford Motor Company wants you to choose the dealer that provides the best service instead of dealing with the headache of negotiating to find the Ford dealer with the best price. We are the Ford dealer that provides the best service to our valued Ford Employees, their families and their friends. Once your purchase is processed we will detail your new Ford and then help you get everything set up with your Ford SYNC Services, if equipped, as well as go over the functions of the vehicle. After the sale we will follow up to ensure that your Ford Plan Purchase was up to our standards. 

Please feel free to use the link below to apply for your PIN as well as the information below to determine if you qualify for A, X or Z Ford Purchase Plan. 

Click here to apply on-line for your A, X, or Z plan pin number.